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Arie & Alyssa Rock the Frock | Chilliwack Portrait Photographer

It started a few months ago. Alyssa made a comment on Instagram about doing a Trash the Dress/Rock the Frock session…and I couldn’t help but jump all over it and respond immediately. :) She responded with “So I was half joking when I commented on Instagram…but, the more I think about it, the more I think it would be amazing!! If I can convince Arie (I was talking about it the other day and he thought it was quite ridiculous) and I can figure out a way to pack my huge dress up for travel, I think it would be awesome! I would love pics of us by the Fraser, or with the mountains…a little piece of Aries home incorporated into our wedding (a year later :))”

Arie and Alyssa live in Ontario, and were down last week visiting family. Due to their plans to spend 5 days in Whistler and the rainy weekend forecast, we had limited evenings available to shoot their session, but I’m so glad that we changed our plans and went for it on the evening that we did because the clouds were amazing, and it started to POUR on the way home.

The Vedder River was high and had little streams running alongside it that were perfect to lay in; freezing, but the perfect (safe) depth. Alyssa and Arie arrived at the session with their trunk stuffed full of toile, flowers and firewood.
After clambering through the brambles to the river’s edge, Alyssa pulled on her dress and the two were up for anything! I must say, while I love all my sessions, these “Rock the Frock” sessions are some of the most fun to shoot!! No trying to keep somewhat clean, no limitations on where to shoot….complete creative FREEDOM! :)

Check it out! The perfect way to celebrate your first anniversary. (And no, her dress did not get trashed. It left the session sandy, and in desperate need of a dry clean, but otherwise unscathed. ;))


Thanks so much Arie and Alyssa for booking this session, dragging your dress across the country and making this evening so much fun. Cheers friends! xo

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  • Brittany - I love them!! you guys look amazing:) stunning couple…xox

  • Jete Devisser - MIND. IS. BLOWN. That shot of them kissing, standing in the water with the sunflare and the clouds??!!! GAH!!!!!!!! I would blow that sucker up HUGE if it was mine!! So so great Kristy!

  • Annetta - Beautiful session. Awesome job, Kristy!!

  • Trish Anker - these are awesome! I love the jean vest over her dress! what a good looking couple :)

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