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Wow it’s been ages since I’ve posted. It was a crazy busy summer that (surpise, surpise!!) flew by far too quickly…more session and personal posts coming up asap here!

These were taken on the last Saturday of summer holidays, it was blazing HOT and there was stinging nettle in the field (oopsy, sorry Corianne! at least she wasn’t alone in her pain as I got it on my legs too :P ), but despite that, the boys rallied and I shot with lightening speed and the whole session was over in a matter of 1/2 hour. Boom, done. :)


Thanks having me shoot you guys again! Maybe lets try for a cooler day next year, dv. :P

cheers, xox

A new niece to love on! Isn’t she gorgeous?! <3
The kids thought I was quite hilarious. I was standing on Joe and Elly’s bed shooting down to get the pictures of the three of them together and was jumping around trying to keep their attention, not realizing that I was almost getting scalped by the ceiling fan…but hey, whatever it takes to keep kids’ attention right?! :)

joelle-KristyKlaassenPhotographyLove the name Joe and Elly: Joelle is so pretty. <3



Jane’s mom is super proactive and booked a grad session when I was shooting their family last summer. :) Being primarily a family photographer, shooting pretty girls in pink dresses is a rare treat, especially when the session includes pool-side palm trees and horses…even if it was a horse that wouldn’t let Jane ride her because she was scared of her dress. :P

You looked beautiful, girl! :)


Congrats with your grad and wishing you all the best on whatever path life takes you. xo

Miranda wanted graffiti for her grad session, and I think we fulfilled that request. :D While it can get rather sketchy under the Abbotsford freeway overpass, the artwork on the concrete walls is fabulous and definitely worth skirting shopping carts and stepping over needles to get to! :P
Looking great Miranda. :)


I hope you love your flashy pics. :) Congratulations on your grad and have a wonderful summer. xo

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