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I love having a sister who responds to my WhatsApp “Wanna go to the tulip festival in Chilliwack? I might bring my camera. ;)” with an immediate “Sure! We can go right now if you like!”

It was definitely worth the drive out considering that the tulips are in full bloom right now and it was a sunny day, which we have to make the most of these days around here in the Fraser Valley…


Thanks for trudging through the mud with me Carey-Jane, Maren and Anna. :) xoxo

This little girl!! <3 There was no doubt in my mind that she’d a beauty but this chick is so, so gorgeous, long waited for, and loved. Those cheeks! Her parents only look a wee bit thrilled with her…

babyoh1-KristyKlaassenPhotographybabyoh2-KristyKlaassenPhotographySuch an easy baby to shoot; so smiley! ;)

(Back story on the Atmosphere Floors undershirt: Steve is a Buckwold flooring rep for Atmosphere (our company here in Chilliwack). Eric has hired a couple of our old babysitters and they now work in the office…Steve calls them the Babysitters Club. Jade loves babysitting and hopes to be a member of the club soon! Trish mentioned to me that Jade could be a great babysitter for them one day but she’d better watch out for this little spitfire…she’s gonna give Atmosphere’s babysitter club a real run for their money. :) )

Congratulations Steve and Trish. We couldn’t be happier for you guys. She’s a real keeper. :)

Cheers xox

I could have never in my wildest dreams conjured up a place this crazy.

Salvation Mountain is a literal man-made mountain 28 years in the making, covered in half a million gallons of latex paint. What started as a small monument made of dirt and painted cement became, over time, a sprawling adobe and hay-bale mountain complex, with peripheral structures made of telephone poles, tires, and car windows, as well as art cars and sculptures, all painted in a patchwork of stripes and color blocks of whatever paint was donated that week. — Aaron Huey, National Geographic”

It was phenomenal.

But first we stopped at the Salton Sea, which is a lake which came about due to an accidental overflow of a dam from the Colorado River to the Imperial Valley. It’s huge (takes about an hour to drive along) and is now an evaporating, stinky body of water with deserted vacation homes along it’s shores. Makes for pretty pics though, and I wanted to head there first because the light wasn’t quuuiiiiite right for the pics I’d envisioned getting at Salvation Mountain.

The light was just right when we got there and so worth the long drive out. Leonard Knight spent the last 28 years of his life, alone in a camper, building and painting this wonderful work of art. It’s zany and awe inspiring. It’s crazy and peaceful at the same time. Bible verses and the plea for man to turn from sin to God at every turn…it was reverend in a very odd and unlikely way.

It was the most amazing location for a photoshoot that I have ever shot at. (Side note before you scroll down: this was not an engagement session. Arianna and Marc just so happened to be along with us, looking their very finest with hair beautifully curled and matching outfits that were not at all planned. Such a happy coincidence! ;) haha)

salvationmountain-KristyKlaassenPhotographyYeah, every photographers dream. If you are in the area (middle of southern Cali) be sure to make the drive out!

Arianna and Marc really couldn’t be cuter and despite Marc’s aversion to the camera I think she’s got a couple worthy of wall frames there. :)

Have a great weekend friends! ciao.

I LOVE the desert evening light. For some reason it seems so much softer and warmer than any golden hour that we have here. I was excited to shoot Carey-Jane, Ben, Maren and Anna at the WorldMark resort where we stayed recently with my family. All of these are taken on the resort and surrounding golf course. It’s really not an awful place to spend a week. :)

Those cheeks, smiles, sun tans and palm trees!! <3


Some of the cutest kids ever…Care and Ben clean up nicely too. :) Thanks guys, it was a pleasure once again. xoxox

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