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It seems so neat and tidy; a short perfectly imperfect span of time, summed up in a nutshell. One small blog post, a heart full of big memories.

The warm summer days…just last week it seems:


That late summer glow…a few short nights ago:


The crisp, cool fall afternoons…just a mere hour or two ago:


And the record-breaking snowy winter…just a couple of minutes ago:


I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have last year. I’ll try my best to do better this year but with the kids growing up so fast they are less whimsical now, and they are more likely to complain about the camera in their faces. :P What I wouldn’t do to freeze time. What I wouldn’t do for kids that relished being in front of the camera. :)

But alas…that’s it. That’s all she wrote. Farewell to a wonderful, blessed year. xoxo


This little cupcake is one! Once again I wanted something different for her birthday shoot than a cake smash (see her sister Maren’s 1st year “almost a cupcake” session here), so we headed for the Highstreet Cupcake store, where they very graciously allowed us to get hand-prints on their glass showcase and icing all over the corner table. :)

This beauty has both the sweetest smile, and the surliest stink-eye ever. :D She’s quite the sassy one…I can’t wait to hear what she has to say when she can talk.




Seriously! I could eat this kid. <3

I feel so privileged to be able to wish my wonderful Opa and Oma Van Maren a Happy 65th Wedding Anniversary.

My sister said a couple of days ago “I really do feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have these grandparents for their own!” and I fully agree. Opa and Oma are loved dearly by all 225+ of their family members (that’s their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren) for the way that they have always expressed their love for us; they are equally interested in everything and everyone, and share in all our happiness, sadness, highs and lows. We have been so blessed to have them in our lives.


Beloved Opa and Oma, we cherish you, and wish you the Lord’s blessing.


Can you believe the weather these past couple of months?!? A stretch of winter unlike one we’ve ever had before! It was great fun the first time around in December…and into January…but this past dump here in February was a tad unwelcome. It made me looooong for summer days, warm sunshine and ocean breezes, just like the awesome morning Philip, Evalynn and I spent together last year. I was super excited when Evalynn asked me if I’d be up for doing an early morning rock-the-frock session at White Rock. It took a bit to coordinate a low-tide with a Saturday morning, but finally late July we made it work and we left Chilliwack at 5:30 to catch the sunrise on the beach at 7:00am. They were up for anything (well, aside from Phil taking about 10 minutes to finally lay down in the water :P) and it was such a joy shooting them for their one year anniversary.

This was, without a doubt, one of my favorite sessions of 2016…



…and I’m sure you can see why. :)

Thanks for being so awesome Phil and Evalynn. Love and hugs. xo

These snowy sessions feel like a lifetime ago. :)

The conditions couldn’t have been more perfect for a mini-session. And mini it was. I do believe the whole thing lasted about 13 minutes, but if you don’t mind me saying, shooting like a frenzied whirlwind is a specialty of mine. Wrangling a session together mere hours before Christmas is Trish’s. :P :D

Here it is; the perfect winter wonderland session.

davetrishkidssnow-kristyklaassenphotographySuch grown-up, beautiful kids. And Trish and Dave, you do get better looking with age! :) Love you all. xoxox



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