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All the typical cliches get tossed around this time of year about how fast time flies by, how quickly yet another year has passed by, and it’s so true. These kids are too big, and I’ve been too busy with life…and I’m not sure what really (I think it’s the same for everyone?!) to fully appreciate these great kids, my loving husband, my wonderful family and friends, our health and wealth. I thought it was appropriate to end this year of blogging, with personal pictures since ultimately, I am a wife and mother first and photographer second; I cherish our memories more than anything else I’ve shot all year. Having said that, thanks to my clients, friends and family, who have asked me this past year to take their family’s pictures. I love the thrill of the shooting, editing and sharing; cheers to 2018 and hopefully many more fun-filled sessions.


Happy New Year and we wish you a blessed and wonderful 2018. xox


Another fave session; the years seem to end with them like high notes. Such a great feeling to wrap up 2017 with vivid, colourful (my trademark, my fave!) images like these.

I can not believe it was a year ago already that I shot these cuties, in a very different setting! (If you don’t remember these faces from their snowy Jones Lake session last year, it’s worth a trip back into the archives to check them out. :)) I’m so glad Karyn took the teepee idea and ran with it; with this sunshine you’d think it was early October instead of mid-December!

These little hooligans are the best! :D


Thanks Karyn and Eric! Maybe next summer we’ll manage to pull off that summer Jones Lake session that we’ve been talking about. ;)


This were shot ages ago, back in October before the soggy wetness that was November. These good friends of ours and their kids were a such fun to shoot, and the last time I’d done so was 4 years ago! I’m so glad I picked up that row boat last minute on the way to the shoot; those pics are some of my faves!!



So photogenic…perhaps another shoot next year in during our week in Osoyoos?! :D

Thanks guys, love ya. xoxo

It was like deja vu of our session two years ago when Fraser turned one. Same barn (thanks again Jim!!), same ol’ Ziggy, same beautiful sister…just a different however equally adorable little one year old gaffer.

People, I can shoot lightening fast. :P Between Lainey running late and me needing to leave for an appointment, we had 22 minutes, but I was totally confident as I drove off, that we’d pulled it off again: the cutest western shoot of 2017. Boom. :)

Check out these huge smiles and equally huge attitude. <3



Thanks Lainey for trusting me to make your your wild, Wild West dreams come true. ;) Love  you guys. xoxo

I do believe that this was the very nicest day this fall. The leaves were at their peak, and that SUN! These colours are real! This backdrop truly was this gorgeous.

I had such a great time shooting these guys. It’s been 5 years since I last did and now kid’s married, another’s engaged and the last one is single but all grown up. ;) Look at these teens! (I hear Karin give a sad sniffle. Our kids grow up waaaay too fast…which is exactly why getting photos taken is so important!)


Thanks ya’ll. Loved shooting you guys again.

Cheers! :)

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