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I WISH He Was A Gonner

“The cat came back, the very next day, the cat came back…I thought he was a gonner, but the cat came back – he just couldn’t stay away!” 

That song fits our life right now.  We’ve been adopted, by this demonic and bitchy looking cat. 

At first I thought, that even though it wasn’t very cute, it might be kinda nice to have a cat around.  But not anymore.  It’s disconcerting the way he follows me around the house and peers in which ever window I’m closest too – clinging to 3″ wide window ledges if he has to.  Last night I even saw his eyes peering at me in the dark when I came back down for something and was walking through the dark kitchen.  He’s getting fleas (possibly imaginary, I concede) on my outdoor couch cushions.  His worst offense was last night when I was feeling sorry for him in the rain, so I opened the patio door to put a bowl of tuna out for him…and he just sniffed the bowl, and then took a flying leap at the open door.  I screamed, and slammed the door shut – on him (by accident, truly), squishing him.  He yowled as he backed out the door, and then just ran a few feet away, and came right back again.  No more food for him.  I nearly busted a sealed unit this morning, as I banged on the window to scare him away…he’s getting a little too gutsy for my liking!

If any of my neighbors recognize this feline, please come and get him! :P

On a more positive note, however, we are LOVING the newly painted living room.  It’s so bright and fresh, and it really allows the beautiful view around us to take centre stage.   I’m just in the process of trying to choose a new rug right now.  I’m leaning towards the one below, but the others are so fun too:

I’ll post better pics of the room when I’ve made my choice and have the rug in place! :)

Have a great weekend, cheers!

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  • Carey-Jane - Ah that animal truly does look possessed!! I’m sure jade and Liam will be terrified to go outside now:)

  • michelle v - ha ha! tuna may not be the best approach to discourage him ;)

  • Cathrine - Yes definately a demonic looking cat….those green eyes staring back are creapy!

  • Kristy Klaassen - ….well that was BEFORE he really started to creep me out! :) I was taking pity on him….but he blew it!

  • Patricia Neels - Bring him down to that cat place on Chilliwack Central. They take strays and adopt them out :) I wouldn’t be happy about a stray cat hanging around either!

  • Cora - walls/rug look great!! good idea to check with neighbors first cause awhile ago we had same issue, but I was fed up real quick and brought cat to spca, and later found out it was from a neighbor down the road:(

  • Joel - Great pictures on your site!

    For the 2d panorama, you should try these programs:
    Autopano Pro:

    or the basic/free Autostitch:

  • myka - that is a very familiar face:) Kristy you must have noticed we had 3 truly dropped-off strays in our neighbourhood: him, another very fluffy grey, and an orange tiger. ALL of them have roamed our neighbourhood for about 3yrs. One died, fluffy grey has befriended us and may stay since he has good manners, and your nasty feline is very catty! I made a warm bed in the potting shed for Fluff when it was super cold…and when i saw him at the backdoor, I knew something was amiss in that shed. Sure enuf that nasty cat had taken over and gave me a LOUD hiss!!! thought he would attack me righ there:( slammed the door on him too.
    I don’t think you will be able to take him to spca cause he won’t allow you to catch him.
    BUT be nice to Fluff k? he’s pretty sweet and a super good mouser.
    the end.
    ps. the rug in the upper right corner is my favourite!!!!

  • myka - You need two rugs. The bright and bold one for spring and summer and the subtle (top left)for fall winter. That would be the perfect solution, and worth the cost. You save actually, cause now the rugs will last twice as long:)

  • Kristy Klaassen - haha, love it about the rugs – I’ll run that idea of 2 past Eric! :)
    As for the cats: you’re right. I do see the fluffy grey one around sometimes, and it usually comes in the direction of your place. So how did I end up with this unfriendly thing? Sorry people – I do like animals…and we’d been thinking about getting a cat, but I want a friendly, OUTDOOR cat; not one that gives me the hybie-jybies!

  • Lisa - I agree with Myka about the rugs. I like both the top ones. But think the right one is bolder and really makes the pillows pop. I’ve been looking for a rug for my living room but can’t find one yet…maybe need to talk to Eric? :)

  • Steph - Ha ha, that cat looks like the stray cat that was hanging out on my doorstep – although he came in the house lots – ate muffins :-) – and was friendly. I gave him to Keira but he didn’t last a night there….who knows??!

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