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Lidia (literally) Trashes her Dress | Chilliwack Photographer

Lidia messaged me on my FB page saying “Kristy, please call me.  I have this crazy idea I want to talk to you about!”  Crazy indeed: Lidia literally wanted to trash her dress.  Lidia got married 4.5 years ago, and was tired of her dress hanging unused in her closet.  She wanted a session that was dark and moody….and at the end of it she wanted to cut off her sleeves and shorten her dress, and was I up for shooting a session like that?  Well, that was a no-brainer.  This was right up my alley – a session with unbridled, limitless creative freedom.  Sign me up!

Bridal Falls was the perfect location, with its dark, spooky, moss and fern covered woods.  While I’ve hiked (if you can call it that) up the to base of the falls many times before, I’ve actually never gone all the way up to where the water lands, so of course this was a great time to do so: me with my heavy camera bag slung over my shoulder and Lidia trying to climb in her long dress and flip-flops.  Lidia was up for anything, including standing under the rushing, freezing cold water. :)

The picture of her sitting at the bottom of the falls is one of my faves (shot 1/10th of a second hand-held).

On the way back down, Lidia got out her shears and we, or rather I, began chopping at her gown…after I asked her several times “are you SURE you want me to do this?”  We got a few more fabulous shots in her sleeveless and shortened dress, but this a family friendly blog and I think we’ll leave those for her husband Steve to enjoy. ;)

Lidia, you’re stunning:

Thanks Lidia.  This may very well be one of my favorite sessions to date. Enjoy!

{Any other past brides up for a trash the dress session?   It doesn’t have to be quite like this one; literally trashing it isn’t entirely necessary of course. :)  Two things I’ll guarantee you though; you’ll end up with amazing images and we’ll have FUN…at least according to Rachel: “Best night ever! So much fun! Thanks Kristy for the awesome pictures!” and Lidia: “Loved it. Had one of the best days of my life. Lots of fun :)”   Whoot!  What’s not to love?!}

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  • jete - VA-VA-VOOM girl!!! These are amazing!! How does one still look that good after standing under a waterfall??? I’d look like a drowned rat!

  • Nelleke - Love these shots…the contrast between the white gown, her hair and the dark green is stunning. May I ask what ISO and Aperature settings you used to get such sharp pics? I find it so hard get clear photos in dark forest settings.

  • Wenda - WOW!! How fun! You definitely rocked this one!! :)

  • Carey-Jane - she is gorgeous!!! amazing pictures!

  • larissa - wow, these are so amazing! love them – you did such a fabulous job and lidia you looks amazing girl! xo

  • Willena - wow!! those are amazing pictures…!! love them!!

  • Olessya - very beautiful dress, looking for one just like that. Lidia if you see this please contact me at

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