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Baby Brantley

This gorgeous little dude made me a great-aunt! :)
I’ve shot Arlene and Ron (and their families) for years; family sessions, engagement session, wedding….and now their newborn session. Lucky me, since they are all rather adorable and all kinds of wonderful.

Brantley’s going to grow up loving fishing, hunting and the great outdoors whether he wants to or not. ;)


Helllloooo baby Brantley. Welcome to the world, with tons of love,

Great-Auntie Kristy. xox

Kloot Family

I love shooting friends. I don’t have to stress myself out trying to remember the kids’ names, I can dictate which location would best suit their wardrobe, in fact, I can even contribute items from my own closets to give a few more options (a girl can never have too many options!) and the very best part is being able to tell the Dad off if he isn’t displaying the level of enthusiasm that I think he should be. You know, the likes of “suck it up buttercup” and “yes actually we do need to go to another location, and that’s non-negotiable!!!”…not that I had to say that at this session of course, but if they need arose, I’d be able to do so. ;) Hahaha, I LOVE shooting you all!! :)

Oh yeah, and I love shooting friends because all my friends are cute, and photogenic…


There you have it. One of my fave sessions of the season!

Cheers. xox


Sister Made - November 13, 2015 - 6:11 am

Awesome shots! Crazy how fast these kids are growing up!

Six months of personal pictures…

…edited at long last. There was a paltry 160ish pictures when they were all culled down and how 6 months of our lives can be summarized in 160 pictures I have no idea. That’s about 1/4 of the edited pictures I usually have in the same time-frame. I blame it entirely on my iPhone (whose camera is small and light enough to fit in my pocket versus my Nikon which weights about as much as an average newborn baby) and my kids (who oddly don’t really love getting shot my me anymore).  They are growing up, and life gets crazy busy.

Some of my faves:



  • Camping at Benana Lake with Jaedah’s school Girls Craft Club.
  • Jade and her friend Celia on their way back from feeding the neighbor’s goats.




  • Late spring, 12.5 years old. Be still  my heart, my baby is gone.
  • The end of spring soccer.
  • Keeping cool at Bridal Falls; enjoying time with Arianna who was here for a visit from Holland.
  • Sunrise on June 30, 6 months seizure free, thankful, and ready to drive again!!





  • Osoyoos with friends for the 9th year in a row. Christmas in July was talked about for several years and we finally made it happen; it was one of the best turkeys that I’ve eaten in my life. 22 people clad in red, white and green…we were quite an impressive sight. Gorgeous weather all week once again…that place is hard to beat!
  • Chillin’ at the Vedder River.




Lindell Beach, Cultus Lake; one week in a beach-front house. Cousins and water…the best of times.




  • First day of school, grades 5 and 7.
  • That’s it.




Zip. Zilch. Nada. Not a single Nikon pic, which has NEVER happened before in the last 12 years since I became a Mom.



  • Soccer, soccer and more soccer.
  • The last glorious leafy tree on the property. The others have all long hunkered down for winter.


And that’s it. That’s all she wrote.  A wonderful 6 months…cheers to the next 1/6 of 2015.


Trish Anker - November 10, 2015 - 3:35 pm

These are just beautiful!! And I definitely want the ones of my kids to print off (sometime in the next 5 yrs). xo

Kooyman Family

Oh-la-la!! Be still my heart. This was one of those “watching the forecast, should we do it, should we not…lets wait and see if this rain will stop and decide at 2:00 if we can shoot” kind of sessions. The clouds parted friends and left us with this loveliness:  the perfect fall photo shoot with piles of leaves and sun-drenched fields.


Thanks Kristi, Rick and kids, I loved shooting you all once again and so glad that we made it work when we did! :)


Neels Family

I spent the PERFECT afternoon down at the Vedder river with these great people a couple of weeks ago. The light was really rather marvelous, the setting as gorgeous as ever, and these kids so blissfully cooperative that it made my job rather ridiculously easy. :)


Thanks ya’ll! I loved shooting you guys once again. :)


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