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Mason’s One

I miss these little dudes (and their Mom) living right across the road; now they live a whole kilometer up the road and life will never be the same again. I’m just glad that I still get to shoot them every now and again…I mean come on!! These faces though!


I love that last one. :) The kids look a wee bit weary of my antics and Janel is giving me the “we’ve tried it all, given it our best shot, I think this is all we’re gonna get” look.  And, to be honest, we really DID give it our all, since Mason wasn’t feeling too into us capturing his cuteness that day. ;)

Hurray, first session of the summer done and edited. Wowzers that’s hard to accomplish during these crazy busy days. I guess I’m too busy lingering pool-side or something… :)

I hope your summer is fab so far! xox

Trish Anker - July 9, 2015 - 4:07 am

These kids could NOT get any cuter! The oldest one looks exactly like mom, the middle one like daddy and the littlest chubby one like a mix of them all :) You sure can’t tell that this was a chaotic shoot! Great job Kris! xo

Big Sky Country

I didn’t take my “real” camera. Too cumbersome I thought for a weekend in Alberta. Besides, I’ve been there several times…I’ve shot the wide open sky and fields before, what could I possibly have to shoot there this time? ;) Well, the big sky and wide open spaces always surprise me time and again with their beauty and these cousins enjoying their weekend together made we wish that I wasn’t limited to my iPics after all. These pictures simply had to be taken so thanks Janie for the use of your camera. :)

We 4 sisters(in-law from BC and Ontario) had a great time with Jaedah and Tiana in Lethbridge, celebrating Cora’s 40th birthday with her. The girls surprised Nicole at the airport and she was shocked and ecstatic (there was tears! :)) when she saw Jade and Tiana come through the doors at the airport. We had a great weekend together, and the girls did too. Thanks Cora and John for having us over. That 3 night slumber party was a fun time that I’ll never forget. :D


While shopping in Calgary we bought Nicole, Tiana and Jaedah the same dresses to wear for the birthday party. (Where was my camera again?! Oh right, at home in the closet.) I could have shot these girls for hours (pretty country, pretty girls!) but they were eager to go play so I had to refrain myself and just take a few pics along the driveway.

These 3 were born within a year of each other and have always been good friends. I know John, Cora and kids love their new life in Alberta but sometimes…sometimes we wish that they still lived a mere 3km down our road.

In generally I’m not a minimalist, but I can absolutely appreciate the simple beauty of Alberta’s big sky and pictures shot there.


It’s doubtful that a trip like this will happen again, so I’m thankful that it did and the great times had there. Time spend with family is always time well spent. xox to all of you.

Trish Anker - July 9, 2015 - 4:08 am

beautiful girls! Love the matching dresses :)

Cora - June 15, 2015 - 10:49 pm

Thanks Kristy.. Thankyou so much for coming out.. We sure had a really nice time together.. Miss those sister visits:) Unforgettable memories for sure.. We love Alberta but also miss you all.. xoxo

These Two Cuties

My nephew and niece, Casen and Emilia, are clearly rather kissable.

I was looking forward to shooting them around my yard, and thankful for an awesomely beautiful day! I will admit, however, that I have never been such a haggard mess after a session…ah, the joys of shooting unwilling toddlers who don’t want to sit still for more than 1.3 seconds. :)


I pulled out all the stops. I don’t think I’ve every tried to shoot a kid while giving airplane rides before?! :) These pics are rather blown out since they were shot against a very bright sky, but I’m rather fond of them this way, and since I’m the photographer and artist, what I like stays. :D


Elly said that any pictures of Casen and Emilia in the same image (without her in it) was bonus points, so I’d say I SCORED with this one. ;)

Joe and Elly I loved shooting your cutesies once again, and can’t wait to shoot you all this fall! :)


Trish Anker - May 26, 2015 - 11:50 pm

Awesome job Kris! I am so glad that someone else’s kids gave you a run for your money this time ;) Casen and Emilia are super CUTE!

Casey Kerkhoff - May 26, 2015 - 10:22 pm

Beautiful pictures Kris of beautiful kids!! Casen’s clearly enjoying taking you for a run around the yard.

Carey-Jane - May 26, 2015 - 3:47 pm

So adorable!! Love Casens grin and Emilia looks so pretty!!

Dear Vicky

We enjoyed your birthday immensely.

Playing “Weed the Garden” and “Stain the Pool Deck” was splendid fun, however the “Picnic at Cheam Wetlands” was my personal high of the day.


Of all the gifts given today, Life and Love were my favorites (although Sunshine was a close runner-up). I hope your day was equally wonderful.

(Curtsy) Love and best wishes. xox

Trish Anker - May 19, 2015 - 7:32 pm

These are fabulous! :)

One of my fave places.

I wanna go back. Today…ok I need to pack, so tomorrow then?!

San Diego certainly did not disappoint, and I’m afraid to say that it’ll be hard for any other place to measure up. Maybe it was the house on Sunset Cliffs (unbeatable sunsets), and the pool in the backyard (that the kids loved), the 10 minute walk into Ocean Beach (surfer/hippyville), the 20 minute drive to Coronado Beach (white sand!!), and 15 minutes drive to the USS Midway (which the guys found fascinating).

The cliffs; high enough for fab views, but easy enough to climb down to great beaches. And did I mention the sunsets?! ;) It’s obviously called Sunset Cliffs Blvd for a reason, hello?!?


VW vans abound.

Evenings on the front patio were rather enjoyable. (Shooting in that evening glow – there’s nothing like it!!)


Getting all artsy, and precariously close to the edge! These colorful chairs from the living room were calling my name, however, Dean Brody’s lyrics “I’m at the edge of a cliff, you’ve got me losing my balance.” did come to mind. :}


And then there was Coronado Beach: the mica minerals make the sand sparkle like gold. The waves were rather fabulous, and Jade’s hat! Also note-worthy I think…who doesn’t love shooting large floppy hats?!


I know, I know…more sunsets, pictures of the house and digging for clams and shells down at the beach…but this was the LIFE, and it’s what I LOVED! :)


Barbies, backyards, bellies…selfies (yes, this was necessary. I’m in a total of 3 pictures on this trip, I kid you not, and years down the road family will look at these trip pics and say “I think she was there too?!?).

Aaaand then Ocean Beach, which was a real treat. One could (nearly) get high just from walking down the sidewalk (perhaps a wee overstatement but weed is legal there apparently!), which was very medicinal for all of us. After all this trip was very stressful, and we all know that stress really takes a toll on your heart. :P :D


There friends. That’s all she wrote.

P.S. One more thing after all…did I mention that I love San Diego? Go there; you’ll see what I mean.

xox. real life is calling.

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Marlies - March 31, 2015 - 6:36 am

These pictures are gorgeous!! Your family sure is lucky to have their photographer along with them where ever they go :)

Casey Kerkhoff - March 30, 2015 - 8:29 pm

Kris love them all! This was a great place to stay and would love to come back again. The scenery was gorgeous and the company lovely. It was a great family holiday although we missed half of our large family. Thanks for all the beautiful photos and I will be making a album of this holiday. Mom

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