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One of my fave places.

I wanna go back. Today…ok I need to pack, so tomorrow then?!

San Diego certainly did not disappoint, and I’m afraid to say that it’ll be hard for any other place to measure up. Maybe it was the house on Sunset Cliffs (unbeatable sunsets), and the pool in the backyard (that the kids loved), the 10 minute walk into Ocean Beach (surfer/hippyville), the 20 minute drive to Coronado Beach (white sand!!), and 15 minutes drive to the USS Midway (which the guys found fascinating).

The cliffs; high enough for fab views, but easy enough to climb down to great beaches. And did I mention the sunsets?! ;) It’s obviously called Sunset Cliffs Blvd for a reason, hello?!?


VW vans abound.

Evenings on the front patio were rather enjoyable. (Shooting in that evening glow – there’s nothing like it!!)


Getting all artsy, and precariously close to the edge! These colorful chairs from the living room were calling my name, however, Dean Brody’s lyrics “I’m at the edge of a cliff, you’ve got me losing my balance.” did come to mind. :}


And then there was Coronado Beach: the mica minerals make the sand sparkle like gold. The waves were rather fabulous, and Jade’s hat! Also note-worthy I think…who doesn’t love shooting large floppy hats?!


I know, I know…more sunsets, pictures of the house and digging for clams and shells down at the beach…but this was the LIFE, and it’s what I LOVED! :)


Barbies, backyards, bellies…selfies (yes, this was necessary. I’m in a total of 3 pictures on this trip, I kid you not, and years down the road family will look at these trip pics and say “I think she was there too?!?).

Aaaand then Ocean Beach, which was a real treat. One could (nearly) get high just from walking down the sidewalk (perhaps a wee overstatement but weed is legal there apparently!), which was very medicinal for all of us. After all this trip was very stressful, and we all know that stress really takes a toll on your heart. :P :D


There friends. That’s all she wrote.

P.S. One more thing after all…did I mention that I love San Diego? Go there; you’ll see what I mean.

xox. real life is calling.

Marlies - March 31, 2015 - 6:36 am

These pictures are gorgeous!! Your family sure is lucky to have their photographer along with them where ever they go :)

Casey Kerkhoff - March 30, 2015 - 8:29 pm

Kris love them all! This was a great place to stay and would love to come back again. The scenery was gorgeous and the company lovely. It was a great family holiday although we missed half of our large family. Thanks for all the beautiful photos and I will be making a album of this holiday. Mom

My dream shoot.

Cute kids, dear to my heart. White sand. Big waves. Evening sunset glow….and a rainbow theme.

It all started when Carey-Jane tagged me on Instagram saying “Kris, I thought of you when I saw this!” (She knows me so well!) I was, of course, completely agog and instantly determined to do a shoot like this myself. Our trip to San Diego, California (with half my family, we were sorry that the rest in Chilliwack, Alberta, Ontario & Holland) weren’t able to come along this time!) was coming up in a few weeks…surely we could pull off a kids’ shoot like this there?! The kids would be excited! Angelic! Eager to please and stand wherever I told them to, I was sure. Which 13-1 year olds do you know that don’t love a good photoshoot! ;) I scoured the stores for clothes that would work (Jevin loves sweats, so I thought it was best I just give him mine to wear ;)). A different colour for everyone…


Purchasing pineapples was the easy part.

Thursday evening, I was rather elated (and slightly shocked) that after an early dinner, all the kids went off to change without a fuss. We headed down to Ocean Beach (just 2 km up the coast), got the kids in line with minimal fuss and…..voila!!!


Right?!? I can hardly believe these pics myself. Such cooperation; you’d think we had drugged them or something. :)

And this was all beside the perfect lifeguard tower right next to us, which the kids gamely climbed for a few more pics. Well, Maren wasn’t up for participating, but if you know these kids at all you’ll know how much it meant to all of us that there was smiles from all of them. ;)



…then, they were all happy to run off and play…and I was naturally happy to run around like the paparazzi getting  (just a few ;)) more shots.




Isn’t there some adorable pics in that bunch? Such pretty girls, and cute little boys.

I love San Diego, pineapple, the ocean, this golden hour, California, flowers in hair, rainbows, and these kids. Not necessarily in that order.

Sunny Cali seems like months ago. :/

Enjoy your day. xo


Slow down.

Life flies. My babies are 10 and 12 (and how this happened I have no idea). I have enjoyed my years of shooting weddings, babies, grad portraits and families…I really have…but all that time I feel like I only saw these beautiful kids with my eyes, and not my heart. I was always online, looking for the latest and greatest ideas, comparing my own work to other fabulous photographers, editing, scheming and dreaming…but not living in the precious moment. So busy thinking of shooting families that I wasn’t taking the time to enjoy my own.

(Aren’t these kids CUTE!? :) I feel so blessed and honored to be their mom.)


And so…because of my recent epiphany, I’ve decided to slow down; stop taking on new clients, and only shoot family, friends and art.

I’m putting down my commercial camera (as a fellow photog expressed it so perfectly) and will shoot personal work when I want to and feel compelled to do so.  You’ll still see my photography (and the odd session) on my Facebook page, and on here my blog, but otherwise (I apologize) posts might be infrequent. I do post pics (virtually) daily on Instagram, so I’d be delighted if you’d follow me there!

I don’t want my kids to remember me behind my computer, but as an active, loving part of their lives…


My step-back from the photography industry is self-imposed, and it’s a choice I’m happy with.

Thanks for being faithful followers of my work… it’s time to get out there and play. ;)


Rhonda Vanderburg - March 13, 2015 - 12:04 am

I would like to thank you again for the beautiful pictures of Kennedy, I will always treasure them.

Cousins make wonderful friends.

These two. They miss each other all the time. It’s been nearly 3 years since Kerwin moved to Alberta, and Liam and Kerwin still consider each other their best friend. Look how they’ve changed…it makes me kinda sad to see how little they were there in 2012, and they are growing up so fast. We are thankful that Kerwin and his family is here this week; we love seeing them!


And these two. They love each other a LOT too. Jade loves it when we babysit Maren for a day. Yesterday she bundled her up (in Jade’s hat) and played outside with her until her Dad came to pick her up. Maren loved the green machine! :)


Cousins are forever friends. xoxox

Cora - February 21, 2015 - 8:31 pm

Love it!!!We miss you already.. thanks for the great memories:)

Carole Rozendaal - February 18, 2015 - 9:24 pm

You can tell from their teeth, that they grew up :) from missing teeth to big adult teeth. Cute!

What’s YOUR Hang-up? | Part 10

They say to surround yourself with things you love, and since I love these…


…that’s what I do.

I have stopped just short of rainbow patterned wallpaper; I’m fond of crazy, but draw the line at ludicrous. You may think I’ve already crossed that line, I know. ;) Many of you might be colour-shy and have stuck to tans, beige and perhaps grey for your homes, and that’s totally fine…but that’s also totally NOT me.

I do believe that I’ve never loved any pictures quite as much as the ones that we had taken of us last October. That summery session that we just couldn’t get to work in the summer, so we just squeaked it in before the rains began, and made it work yet in the second week of fall; that involved my love of color (my husband and kids are such good sports!) and our mutual love of biking, on the gorgeous, deserted Barnston Island in the middle of the Fraser River…which is one of  my favorite rivers; and that my friend Wenda Sikma knocked out of the park, because that’s just what she does. She’s rather good at her job. :)

Those pictures are now hanging in our living room, along with a bit of other flashy decor. A splendid wooden rainbow that I got for Christmas from the kids. A drab black and white globe from HomeSense that I gave a rainbow paint and sparkle face-lift to. A real-working, mini bike in a shadow box. Jade’s Girls Craft Club button canvas. A Zulily (that website is financially devastating!) world map pillow that I just couldn’t leave behind. It’s pretty hard to feel gloomy in this room. :)


Friends, don’t be afraid to add some color to your life (I promise it won’t bite you in the butt ;)) and if you haven’t already…get your favorite pics up onto your walls!



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