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Vanderkooi Family

I was so happy to walk next door to do this shoot in my neighbor’s back yard…

This family was truly the easiest extended family I have ever shot. Forty four people who stood exactly where I asked them to, looked/didn’t blink, and smiled. :) A couple of the pictures need NO HEADSWAPS, can you believe it?! I don’t think I’ve ever had that before.

This first one here was one of those pictures; they are all laughing at me, but I don’t mind being laughed at if it means easy editing for me. Reason for their mirth: I asked one of the girls to move over a titch, and they’d never heard of that word before. Granted, it’s a rather obscure word from across the pond, but it means “small amount” (or “small child”). You know, like move over this —>   <— much. :)

Aren’t they are good looking bunch?!

Thanks everyone for your stellar cooperation, I enjoyed shooting you all just a titch. ;)

Cheers, Kristy

A morning at the Vedder River…

It’s been 3 years since I last shot this family. These kids were so awesome to shoot – even if the oldest did like throwing rocks in the water right by me to make me wet, and the youngest didn’t want to sit still for a second. :) You know, typical boy/toddler stuff. This session ended with my knee-high rubber boots full of water and my heart full after spending the morning with these people at the river. I really do love shooting unruly children best of all. :)


Thanks Daryl and Christine, I loved shooting shooting you guys again. <3


Brent & Janae’s Engagement

These two (my nephew and soon-to-be niece) are all kinds of adorable cuteness (which 22 year old guy doesn’t love hearing that?!). :D  I was excited when they asked me to take their engagement pictures, even though I’ve opted out of shooting weddings, I mean look at them! <3

After the rock quarry we stopped by the daffodil field where we literally had an electrifying time shooting there… I can’t believe that people actually LIVE under power lines like these because we were zapped continually by the daffodils touching our legs as we walked through the field! These fearless two had no qualms about laying down in them, however, and I was able to shoot some of my fave shots of the evening! :)

When there’s a tulip fest going on in Chilliwack, you’d be crazy to drive right by and not take advantage of it…

Then things got a little less refined at the almost-finished roundabout at Bailey and Prest, which Brent was working on for Jakes. I loved the stop sign that Janae brought along xoxo and I also loved Brent’s confidence; he nodded and waved to about 10 people/cars as they passed the two of them kissing and hugging in the middle of the road/roundabout and wasn’t the least bit embarrassed. :D

We ended this fab evening back at home/Jakes. As an excavator operator, it makes all kinds of sense to include one in your shoot. :)

Thanks Brent and Janae for being up for anything; sometimes I just don’t know when to stop already, so I was glad to hear that you guys enjoyed this 2.5 hour shoot as much as I did. :D


Cynthia Dykman - April 11, 2016 - 11:31 pm

Beautiful pictures of you two! Love them!

Joshua Tree, desert shoot

As soon as we booked our spring break trip to Palm Springs I starting thinking about shooting these kids in the desert somewhere, and was delighted to find that Joshua Tree National Park is a mere 20 minutes from the WorldMark resort where we were staying the week with family.

The varying vegetation, rock formations, palm trees, cottonwood trees, and cacti all within the first 10km into the park was fascinating and gorgeous! (I hope to come again next year dv and explore deeper into the park…perhaps without children who’d rather be swimming in the pool back at the resort. :P)

The location was intentional, but the matching outfits and the golden sunset hours were a complete lucky fluke. :D ;)

The kids were SURE that the place was crawling with rattlesnakes and teaming with tarantulas, so standing was their favorite pose. :) (There WAS one area that was crawling with big black caterpillars; thousands and thousands of them, and you couldn’t walk without squishing them. Really disgusting.)

That evening light! Lucky for the kids, the sun slipped away and I got them back into the pool when I promised them I would. :)

Looking forward to next year’s spring break already!


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